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UAZ 3160

UAZ-3160 — the all-wheel drive car of the increased passability (SUV) for operation on roads of all categories, and also on the crossed area.

Development of the new SUV was begun in 1980. The model with an index 3160 received the modernized frame and the new body developed by means of engineers of AvtoVAZ. Preservation of a five-door body on the short wheel base corresponding to a three-door body of most global car makers was the main problem.

The turned-out car differed from the produced models in higher level of comfort and the improved technical and economic indicators. Better coloring of a body, the hatch in a roof, modern lighting engineering, "кенгурин", thresholds, radial rubber, the excellent review, the modern dashboard, execution of an interior it is executed to similarly modern cars.

At the same time problems with stability and controllability caused the necessity of completion of the car, as a result there was a new model UAZ-3162 "Simbir" which became longer and received new bridges.

It was produced by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant from August, 1997 to 2004 in lots.

Technical characteristics of the basic version UAZ-3160
Wheel formula 4x4
Number of places 5 (7)
Overall dimensions, mm 4240 x 1828 x 1935
Road gleam, mm 210
The mass of the equipped car, kg of 1950
Full weight, kg of 2000
Loading capacity, kg 600
Maximum speed, km/h 150
Fuel consumption at 90/120 km/h 10,4 / 14,5 l / 100 km
ZMZ-409.10 (UMZ-4213.10) engine
Fuel Ai-92 gasoline
Working volume, l. 2,7 (2,89)
Max. power, hp/kW / about / mines 128/94,1/4400 (99/72,8/4000)
Max. torque, Nanometer / about / mines 217,6/2500 (201/2500)
The transmission is mechanical, 5-staged (4-staged)
Transfer case 2-staged: I \1111111 1; II \1,941,94
The forward brakes disk ventilated with two cylinders, with a floating bracket
Back brakes of drum type, with one cylinder, with automatic control of a gap between slips and a drum
Forward suspension bracket dependent, spring with the stabilizer of cross stability, hydropneumatic shock-absorbers of telescopic type of bilateral action, with two longitudinal levers and cross draft
Back suspension bracket dependent, on two longitudinal semielliptical low-laminated springs and hydropneumatic shock-absorbers of telescopic type of bilateral action
Tires 225/75R16