8.8. Maintenance of a body

For preservation of good appearance of the car constantly look after a paint and varnish covering of a body. That there were no scratches on the painted surface, do not delete dust and dirt with dry cleaning material. Bodies you carry out sink by a stream of water of a small pressure with use of soft rags. Rub off the washed-up body surfaces dry that on the painted surface after drying in the summer on them spots were not formed, and in the winter when freezing drops of water – cracks. Do not apply soda and alkaline solutions as after their use paint and varnish pokry-ty grows dull to a sink. Whenever possible do not put the car in the sun in order to avoid damage of rubber of wheels and sealants and tarnishing of a paint and varnish covering of a body.
For preservation of a paint and varnish covering of a body and contents it in good shape it is necessary to select the polishing means corresponding to a condition of a covering. At the same time it is necessary to observe recommendations about their application.
In the first two-three months of operation of the car wash a body with cold water. For polishing of a new covering (up to three years) use the bezabrazivny polishing means for new coverings.
At operation of the car from three to five years use the autopolishes for weather-beaten coverings incorporating a small amount of abrasive substances; after five years of intensive operation apply autopolishes to old coverings.
In order to avoid drying of polish polish a body with small sites manually a pure flannel.
In time of operation of the car it is recommended periodically for preservation of a body from premature destruction to process surfaces, especially closed cavities, anticorrosive structures like Movil, Tektil and dr. You carry out processing of the closed cavities of a body through special openings in panels and cross-pieces of a floor which are closed by rubber traffic jams.
Restore the body bottom surface covered with bituminous mastic on a measure of need, applying mastic with a special spray or a brush.
Periodically, before a wash of the car, clean drainage openings of doors and thresholds.
During a sink carefully wash out zaflantsovka of doors, a cowl, welded seams and connections of a motor compartment, thresholds and apertures of doors as in the specified places dirt which leads to destruction of a protective and decorative covering and corrosion of metal collects.
You carry out lubricant of mechanisms and details of fittings of a body according to tab. 1.
Screen wipers, faroochistitel, pumps of water purification of wind, back glasses and headlights (washer)
For convenience of cleaning manually of a windshield, glasses of a door of a back and headlights, and also for replacement of brushes levers with brushes are fixed in the cast-away situation.
In cold season before inclusion glass - and faroochistitel be convinced that their brushes did not freeze.
Work of brushes on dry glass is not recommended and hit of fuel and oil on rubber of brushes is not allowed.
In process of operation you watch serviceability glass - and faroochistitel, reliability of fastening of their details; periodically purify glasses and rubber inserts of brushes of dirt and fatty deposits.
At seasonal service include screen wipers for 15–20 min., at the same time levers with brushes of a windshield have to be in the cast-away family way, and the lever with a brush of back glass needs to be removed.
After 18–24 months of operation, and also as required replace brushes or rubber inserts of brushes.
Fill a washer reservoir with clear water (summer) or special nonfreezing liquid (winter).
For discharge of water from a washer reservoir disconnect from it an electrical wiring and tubes of a washer, turn off two bolts of fastening of an arm of a tank and take out a tank together with an arm.
Regulate the direction of a stream of water (except jets of a washer of headlights), changing the provision of balls of a jet with the help of the needle inserted into the canal (the giving opening) of balls.
At a contamination of a jet disconnect from it a tube and blow a jet air.
In order to avoid an exit out of operation of pumps of a washer you watch liquid level in a tank, without allowing its lowering lower than 20 mm over the bottom plane.
You do not hold included washers and faroochistitel – more than 10 pages.