8.7. Bezzopasnost belts

Fig. 318. Seat belts: 1 – uvula; 2 – lock; 3 – lock button; 4 – the regulator lever on height

The car is equipped with seat belts (fig. 318) for all seats, except back folding. Belts of front seats and side belts of a back seat – diagonal and zone with the involving device, an average belt of a back seat – length, zone with manual adjustment. To fasten a belt, pull for a uvula 1 (see fig. 318, a) a belt also insert it into the lock 2 before click. For an otstegivaniye of a belt press the button 3.
Belts of front seats have the regulator on height of the top arm of fastening (see fig. 318, b). For adjustment press the lever 4 down, choose the optimum provision of an arm and release the lever.
Belts of back seats have quick-detachable fastening to a body floor (see fig. 318, c). To unfasten a belt, turn his uvula on 90 ° and take out from an arm cut.
Regulate length of an average belt of a back seat so that it densely adjoined to hips.

Do not fasten a belt of the child sitting on a lap the passenger.
In case of pollution clear belts soap solution. To iron belts the iron does not allow.

Belts surely replace if they are rubbed or damaged or were exposed to critical loading as a result of the road accident.