8.5. Fastening of a body

Fig. 317. Fastening of a body: 1, 7 – a bolt; 2 – a pillow of fastening of a body to a frame top; 3 – plug;
4 – the pillow is lower; 5 – washer; 6 – nut; 8 – support of a back floor

The body with plumage in collecting on a frame of the car is fixed on rubber pillows of double action (fig. 317) in 10 points. Except that, two basic points are located on a frame cross-piece in a zone of a back body floor.
At installation of a body on a frame of the car you watch correctness of an arrangement of rubber pillows in openings of a frame and existence of expansion plugs.
Tighten nuts of bolts of fastening of a body to the full (to a pillow washer emphasis in the expansion plug) and fix by lock-nuts.