8.23. Dashboard

The dashboard assembled consists of the dashboard, a power tubular framework, system of air ducts, a dashboard guard with a combination of devices and buttons of management, an overlay of the console of the dashboard, an overlay of the dashboard, side caps. The dashboard is reinforced by a steel framework, has the power absorbing layer from polyurethane foam and is revetted from the outer side with a decorative film. It fastens to a power tubular framework.

Fig. 337. Fastening of the dashboard (shooters showed points of fastening of details of the dashboard): 1 – dashboard guard; 2 – overlay of the console of the dashboard; 3 – overlay of the dashboard; 4 – side caps of the dashboard

Other details of the dashboard are made of plastic 2,5-3 mm thick. For dismantle of the dashboard from the car it is necessary to remove from it plastic details previously. The guard of 1 (fig. 337) of the dashboard fastens three screws in its top part and three screws in the lower part. Finally it is possible to remove a dashboard guard after a detachment of electric wires. For removal of a combination of devices it is necessary to turn off two nuts located at the left and on the right. Disconnect a cable of the drive of a speedometer and electric wires. The slip 2 consoles of the dashboard fastens six screws located on slip sidewalls. The slip 3 dashboards located under a steering column fastens by means of hooks in the top part and two screws in the lower part. Side caps 4 dashboards fasten two screws. Having removed plastic details, it is possible to start dismantle of the dashboard. The dashboard fastens to a front guard by means of two nuts, access to which is possible through dashboard guard apertures. Side fastening of the dashboard is carried out by means of two bolts, access to which is possible through the apertures closed by side caps 4. Below the dashboard fastens by means of bolt connections of a power framework to the arms located on body sidewalls. Access to them free. The dashboard is removed together with air ducts. Its further dismantling is possible out of the car.