8.13. Roof hatch

In a year of operation or in case of a roof hatch leak (both with mechanical, and with the electric drive) remove a soft upholstery of the hatch and tighten screws on all perimeter of an internal frame. After that establish a hatch upholstery again. If the leak is not eliminated, repeat the specified operations. If after that defect is not eliminated, replace a self-adhesive gear sealant between an external frame of the hatch and a roof.
At emergence of cracks on hatch glass with the mechanical drive it is necessary to open the hatch as far as it is possible, to wring out blocking of the handle and to pull it slightly up and back, and then to dismantle hatch glass fittings (guides, mechanisms and so forth) and to replace glass.
At emergence of cracks on hatch glass with the electric drive, defects of mechanisms of the drive and other it is necessary to address to the firm authorized to make repairs of hatches according to documentation of firm manufacturer.
Feature of fastening of a soft upholstery of the hatch with the electric drive is its installation on an internal frame of the hatch by means of eight screws (2,9х22) which heads are closed by rectangular caps. The electric drive has the autonomous upholstery which fastens by means of ledges for a hatch upholstery. The hatch upholstery with the mechanical drive fastens direct gearing for a vertical flange of an internal frame of the hatch.