8.1. Heating and ventilation of salon

Fig. 308. Control panel of a heater:
1 – control lever air flow gate; 2 – control lever heater crane; 3 – control lever direction of air supply; 4 – heater fan switch

For heating of the air coming to salon move the lever 2 (fig. 308) to the right. The lever 3 it is possible to change the direction of a stream of air: – having blown in extreme left situation a windshield and forward side glasses, extreme right – having blown in legs, – having blown in average situation a windshield, forward side glasses, legs and having blown in salon via deflectors if gates of deflectors are open. The lever 1 operating the air flow gate it is possible to increase (the left situation) or to reduce (the right situation) amount of the arriving external air. If necessary it is possible to increase intensity of heating, having turned on the switch 4 the fan electric motor on the corresponding mode.
Forced ventilation of salon is carried out on the same channels at extreme left position of the lever 2. The exhaust ventilation is carried out at the expense of openings in a back upholstery of a roof and the internal panel of a doorway of a back.