7.3.1. Maintenance

Begin survey of the generator with brushes, the brush holder and contact rings. Make sure that brushes are whole, do not jam in brush holders and reliably adjoin to contact rings; check a tension of springs of brushes. Replace the brushes which are worn out up to the height of 8 mm.

Fig. 270. Check of effort of pressing of brushes

Measure by a dynamometer effort of pressing of brushes (fig. 270) to contact rings. For measurement of effort remove the brush holder, remove one brush, install a cover on the brush holder, holding it a hand. Then the end of a brush acting from the brush holder press on a cup of arrow scales. When the brush acts from the brush holder on 2 mm, record the indication of scales. The effort of pressing of springs to brushes has to be 180–260 гс.
Blow the generator air. Wipe the brush holder, brushes and slightly polluted contact rings with the pure rag which is slightly moistened in gasoline. Turning a rotor from a hand, smooth out strongly zag-ryaznenny contact rings with a small podgoraniyem and small roughnesses (having removed the brush holder) glass paper granularity 80 or 100.

Do not apply a grinding skin to cleaning of the polluted contact rings. Pierce the contact rings of the generator which are worn out, burned slightly or having the raised beating on the turning machine and carefully smooth out.

Periodically remove the generator from the car for dismantling and its cleaning of dirt and dust. Carefully examine all details. Check effort of pressing of brushes. Brushes should not jam in brush holders. Replace worn-out bearings. Check the assembled generator how it is specified in the subsection "Control Check of the Generator".

1. "Minus" of the rechargeable battery always has to connect to "weight", and "plus" – to be connected to a clip "plus" the generator. Wrong return turning on of the battery will immediately cause the raised current via generator diodes, and they will fail.
2. Operation of the generator with disconnected from a clip "plus" wires of consumers is not allowed (especially with the disconnected rechargeable battery). It causes dangerous increase in tension that involves damage of diodes and the regulator of tension.
3. It is not necessary to check operability of the generator "on a spark" even short-term connection of a clip "plus" the generator with "weight". At the same time through diodes there passes considerable current and they are damaged.
It is possible to check the generator only by means of the ampermeter and the voltmeter.