7.1. Scheme of electric equipment, safety locks


Electric equipment of the car is generally executed according to the single-wire scheme. Negative conclusions of consumers of the electric power, except for hours, system of electroblocking of locks of doors and a control system of a heater heater, are connected to the case of the car which performs function of the second wire. The remote weights switch which if necessary disconnects a negative pole of the rechargeable battery from the case of the car and respectively from consumers is provided in the scheme of electric equipment of the car. Negative conclusions of hours, systems of electroblocking of locks of doors and a control system of a heater heater are connected directly to a negative pole of the rechargeable battery. Rated voltage in onboard network of the car of 12 Century. Schemes of electric equipment of cars are submitted on a color insert.
Irrespective of the provision of a key in the switch of ignition power-supply circuits of near and far light of headlights, alarm systems by driving beam of headlights, marker lights, illuminations of devices and governing bodies, fog lights and back fog fires, a sound signal, a signal of braking, the alarm system, plafonds of lighting and a podkapotny lamp, the socket of a portable lamp, system of electroblocking of locks of doors *, the hatch electric drive *, systems of electrowindow regulators *, радиооборудования* are included. Power-supply circuits of other consumers of the electric power join after inclusion of ignition.

* – Is established on a part of cars.

The majority of power-supply circuits of the car is protected by fuses. Turning on of the additional unloading relay of the assembly block, power supply of the relay of inclusion of light of head and fog lights, power supply of the electromagnetic valve of the carburetor, and also systems of ignition and EPHH are not protected by safety locks of a chain of charging of the rechargeable battery and launch of the engine, control of the remote weights switch (for the car UAZ-31601).
Before replacing the fused safety lock, find out the reason of its burn-out and eliminate it. When troubleshooting it is recommended to see 20 chains specified in the tab. which are protected by this safety lock.
When replacing safety locks and checking electric chains of the scheme of electric equipment of the car it is not allowed to apply the safety locks which are not provided by a design (see tab. 20), and also to close on "mass" of a wire (to check serviceability of chains "for a spark") as at the same time current carrying paths of the assembly block can fuse.
At removal of the relay and safety locks it is impossible to apply metal objects as it can lead to short circuit of conclusions of the relay and burn-out of current carrying paths on printed circuit boards of the block.