6.2.2. Repair

Repair blocks and a brake drum of parking brake system as it is specified in the section "Repair of the Working Brake System". The most admissible diameter of the chiseled brake drum – 199 mm. At repair use these tab. 19.

Removal, dismantling and assembly of the parking brake mechanism
Remove brake blocks in the following order:
1. Disconnect a back cardan shaft from a distributing box.
2. Unscrew two screws of fastening of a brake drum to a flange and remove it. For simplification of removal of a drum completely turn out the adjusting screw.
3. Remove the top cups of squeezing springs, springs, the lower cups and take out cores.
4. Remove coupling springs and brake blocks.
5. You carry out installation of blocks and assembly of the brake mechanism in the return order, at the same time turn attention that the block rim concerning an edge is asymmetrical therefore it is necessary to establish blocks so that to a brake board they were turned by the party with a smaller departure.
Razzhimna remove the mechanism and sort in the following order:
1. Turn off two bolts of fastening of the case razzhimogo the mechanism.
2. Remove the limiter of the case of balls.
3. Remove the case razzhimnogo the mechanism.
4. Take out from the case razzhimnogo the mechanism the case of balls with balls and pushers.
At removal and dismantling razzhimnogo the mechanism observe care not to lose pushers or balls. It is not necessary to press off a cap from the case of the adjusting mechanism.
Completely it is not recommended to disassemble the adjusting mechanism as for this purpose it is necessary to press off a cap from the case. At partial dismantling for removal of support of blocks it is not necessary to remove the adjusting mechanism from a board.

Removal and dismantling of the drive of the parking brake system
You make removal of the drive in the following order:

Fig. 267. Drive of the parking brake mechanism: 1 – the drive lever with the sector; 2 – finger;
3, 13 – the forelock; 4 – switch of a signal of the parking brake system; 5 – nut; 6 – washer; 7 – drive cable; 8 – bolt; 9 – the washer is spring; 10 – adjusting screw; 11 – the spring is ottyazhny; 12 – spring arm; 14 – intermediate lever; 15 – draft of the drive; 16 – lock-nut; 17 – adjusting fork; 18 – drive lever; 19 – washer

1. Install the lever 1 (see fig. 267) in extreme lower situation.
2. Disconnect cable tips from levers 1 and 14, turn off a nut 5 and bring the lower end of a cable out of a bracket of an ottyazhny arm. Turn out the top tip of a cover of a cable from a nut of the amplifier of a floor.
3. Turn off bolts of the 8th fastening of the sector of the lever 1 to a body floor and remove it assembled with the lever.
You carry out installation of details of the drive of the parking brake system to the sequences, the return to removal, with the subsequent its adjustment (see the subsection "Adjustment").
At installation grease with Litol-24 lubricant a working surface of a support of the intermediate lever, forward and back tips of a cable.
Before assembly carefully check a condition of details of the drive. If you find break, a mastication a cable provolok, bad fastening of tips on it or replace damage of a cover, a cable new. Make sure that teeths of the sector and a doggie are not damaged and the lever is reliably fixed in a standard position, and also easily moves up-down. Replace the damaged and worn-out details.