Fig. 228. Rotary fist and nave: 1 – rotary fist left; 2 – coupling of shutdown of wheels;
3 – bolt of fastening of the coupling; 4, 22, 31 – laying; 5 – nave; 6 – lock rings; 7 – bolt of fastening of a wheel; 8 – rotary fist right; 9 – lever of a rotary fist; 10 – pin; 11 – case of a rotary fist; 12 – lock pin; 13 – press butterdish; 14 – pivot axle; 15 – top slip; 16 – adjusting laying; 17 – a sealing ring (with a spring) internal; 18 – sealing ring external; 19 – ball hinge; 20 – half shaft casing; 21, 33 – cuffs; 23,34 – persistent washers; 24 – spherical support; 25 – external holder of an epiploon; 26 – ring partition; 27 – internal holder of an epiploon; 28 – basic washer; 29 – plug шкворня; 30 – lower slip; 32 – brake disk; 35 – screw; 36 – hug bearings; 37 – lock washer; 38 – nuts; 39 – key washer; 40 – lock-nut; 41 – turn emphasis limiter; 42 – turn restriction bolt

At maintenance of the pe-redny leading bridge check and at need adjust an inhaling of bearings shkvorney, a convergence of wheels and the maximum angles of turn of wheels, check and tighten fastening of the lever of a rotary fist, wash out and replace lubricant in rotary fists. At survey of rotary fists turn attention to serviceability of an emphasis-ogranichiteley 41 (see fig. 228) turn of wheels, adjusting bolts 42 and reliability of their latching.
shkvorney on the car you carry out check and adjustment of an axial gap in the following order:
1. Slow down the car the parking brake mechanism or put blocks under back wheels.
2. Lift the forward bridge the house-kratom.
3. Turn off nuts of fastening of a wheel and remove it.
4. Turn off bolts of fastening of an epiploon of a spherical support and remove an epiploon.
5. Check an axial gap shkvorney for what shake hands the case of a rotary fist up and down.
6. Turn off nuts of hairpins of fastening of the lever 9 of a rotary fist or bolts of fastening of the top slip 15 and remove the lever or the top slip shkvornya.
7. Take out thin (0,1 mm) adjusting laying and install the lever or an overlay for the place.
8. Turn off bolts of fastening and remove the lower slip 30 shkvornya, take out thin (0,1 mm) adjusting laying and establish a slip shkvornya into place.
For preservation of coaxiality of the hinge take out laying of identical thickness from above and from below.
Check results of assembly. If the gap is not eliminated, adjust repeatedly due to removal of thicker laying (0,15 mm).
Big wear shkvorney 14 and plugs 29 on diameter causes violation of a corner of disorder of wheels, their wagging when driving and uneven wear of tires. In this case replace worn-out details.

Fig. 229. Check of the maximum angles of turn of wheels

You make check of the maximum angles of turn of wheels at the special stand (fig. 229). The angle of turn of the right wheel to the right, and the left wheel has to be no more than 27 ° to the left. You carry out adjustment by a bolt 42 (see fig. 228).
Regulate a convergence of wheels change of length of cross steering draft. Before adjustment be convinced of lack of gaps in hinges of steering drafts and bearings of naves; then, having weakened an inhaling of the lock nuts (having the right and left carving), establish by rotation of the adjusting union the necessary size of a convergence of wheels.

Fig. 230. Check of a convergence of wheels

The convergence of wheels with a normal pressure in tires has to be such that the size A (fig. 230) measured on the average line of a side surface of tires ahead was 1,5 - 3,0 mm less than the size B behind.
Upon termination of adjustment tighten lock nuts. Moment of an inhaling of 105-130 N · m (10,5–13 kgfs · м).