Service of the back bridge consists in maintenance of necessary level of oil in a case and its timely replacement, check of consolidations, timely detection and an ustra-neniye of axial gaps in gear wheels of the main transfer, a periodic clearing of the safety valve, tightening of all fastenings and cleaning of a magnetic stopper of metal particles when replacing oil.
You watch that in a case the lower edge of a bulk opening had an oil level.
Merge oil through the opening located in the lower part of a case, thus unscrew also a stopper of a bulk opening.
The axial gap of the leading gear wheel of the main transfer is not allowed.

Fig. 218. Zadny Bridge: 1 – case; 2 – the gear wheel conducted the main transfer; 3 – gear wheel leading main transfer; 4 – the bearing is back; 5 – the bearing is forward; 6 – ring; 7 – flange; 8 – nut;
9 – washer; 10 – cuff; 11 – the plug is expansion; 12 – the ring is adjusting; 13 – stopper of a bulk opening; 14 – differential bearing; 15 – the half shaft is right; 16 – safety valve;
17 – differential bearing nut; 18 – bolt; 19 – the plate is lock; 20 – the washer is persistent;
21 – case cover; 22 – differential; 23 – bolt; 24 – laying; 25 – the half shaft is left; 26 – the ring is adjusting; 27 – bolt; 28 – differential bearing cover; 29 – maslootgonny ring

For elimination of an axial gap of the leading gear wheel it is necessary to tighten a nut of 8 (fig. 218). At the same time keep in mind that the nut kernitsya in a groove of a carving part of the leading gear wheel and at an inhaling the bigger effort on a key will be required. Tighten nuts carefully before elimination of an axial gap of the leading gear wheel, without allowing a banner then to its zakernita. If the zakernenny nut does not manage to be tightened, then at first release it on 1/2–1 turn, and then tighten before elimination of an axial gap and a zakernita.
Eliminate an axial gap of the conducted gear wheel of the main transfer with an inhaling of a nut of the 17th bearing of differential, previously having removed a lock plate 19.