3.1.1. Technical service

Service of coupling consists in cleaning of dirt and tightening of bolt connections.
Service of the drive of switching off of coupling consists in maintenance of level of working liquid in a tank of the main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator and at need to pumping of system of the drive. Level of liquid has to be 15-20 mm lower than the top edge of a tank.
Points "softness" of a pedal and incomplete switching off of coupling to availability of air in system of a hydraulic actuator.

Fig. 184. Main cylinder of switching off of coupling: 1 – tank cover; 2,6,19 – laying; 3 – tank grid; 4 – tank case; 5 – tank union; 7,16 – the cuff is sealing; 8 – the washer is persistent; 9 – the ring is lock; 10 – pusher fork;
11 – nut; 12 – the cap is protective;
13 – pusher; 14 – piston;
15 – piston valve; 17 – piston spring; 18 – case of the main cylinder; 20 – union of the main cylinder; 21 – union

The provision of a pedal of coupling is regulated by change of length of a pusher of 13 (fig. 184) of the main cylinder of switching off of coupling. The full speed of a pedal of coupling has to be (150±20) mm. The free wheeling (8–30 mm) is provided with a design of coupling and not regulated.