2.4.9. Repair

Removal and installation of a heater heater:
1. Switch-off the rechargeable battery the weight switch.
2. Remove from the plug "–" the rechargeable battery the wire connecting it to a heater heater.
3. Merge cooling liquid from the cooling system.

Fig. 178. Heater heater: 1 – arm of fastening of a heater heater; 2 – heater heater; 3 – fuel-supply line; 4 – dosing pump; 5 – hose of a supply of cooling liquid; 6 – a hose of removal of the fulfilled gases; 7 – hose of removal of heated liquid; 8 – tray of heating of an oil case of the engine; 9 – bolt; 10 – torch electric motor; 11 – cooling system pump; 12 – glow plug

4. Weaken worm clamps of fastening of hoses and disconnect hoses 5, 6, 7 (see fig. 178) and a fuel-supply line 3 from a heater heater 2.
5. Disconnect all electric wires from a heater heater.
6. Turn off four bolts of the 9th fastening of a heater heater to a mudguard of a forward wheel and remove a heater heater.
You carry out installation of a heater heater on the car in the return sequence.
Repair a heater heater only at service station according to documentation of firm manufacturer.