2.4.7. Heater heater

On a part of cars of family UAZ-3160 with petrol engines B7W heaters heaters, with diesel engines – D7W of coproduction of JSC ShAAZ (Shadrinsk) and Eberspacher (Germany) are established.

Fig. 178. Heater heater: 1 – arm of fastening of a heater heater; 2 – heater heater; 3 – fuel-supply line; 4 – dosing pump; 5 – hose of a supply of cooling liquid; 6 – a hose of removal of the fulfilled gases; 7 – hose of removal of heated liquid; 8 – tray of heating of an oil case of the engine; 9 – bolt; 10 – torch electric motor; 11 – cooling system pump; 12 – glow plug

The heater heater of 2 (fig. 178) is established on an arm 1 on the right mudguard of a forward wheel under a cowl of the car and intended for preliminary (prestarting) warming up of the engine and heating of interior of the car. Fuel arrives from the right fuel tank.

Fig. 179. Timer: 1 – button of inclusion of hours; 2 – button of preliminary installation; 3 – button of inclusion of a heater; 4 – button of reverse motion; 5 – button of a forward stroke; 6 – indication of the memory device; 7 – a symbol for radio remote control; 8 – indication of time and day of the week; 9 – indication of temperature; 10 – indication of an operating mode of a heater; and – the heating mode without preliminary control at the included ignition; – the heating mode without preliminary control at the switched-off ignition; in – preliminary control of the mode of heating

Control of a heater heater is exercised of the control unit (it is established on the left mudguard of a forward wheel) and the timer (fig. 179) located on the dashboard console.