2.4.6. Launch of the engine and test

Check before start-up
After completion of assembly of the engine execute the following:
– install the engine on the dynamometer stand;
– check oil level in a case;
– connect a starter and other electric equipment;
– fill the cooling system as it is specified in the subsection "Service of the Engine".
Check in the idling mode
All adjustments need to be carried out on the heated-up engine by means of a tachometer.
Check is carried out in the following order:
– connect the manometer with a limit of measurement of 15 kgfs/cm2 to the union for supply of oil in a zone of lubricant of a support of the radical bearing;
– launch the engine and warm up it several minutes on small turns;
– check oil pressure on the working engine;
– compare the received values with provided in the table;
– survey the engine on possible leak of oil, cooling liquid, noise and vibration.
Pressure of oil, kgf/cm2
Rotation frequency:       
  minimum..... 0,9–1,5
  maximum... 3,5–4,5
For spravok:maksimalny (cold engine).......... 6,5

Adjustment of supply of fuel and frequency of rotation
Fuel supply adjustment by the pump and the maximum frequency of rotation of idling has to be carried out only by the personnel certified by firm manufacturer of this fuel equipment or its plenipotentiary.