2.4.2. Removal and installation of the engine

You carry out removal of the engine in the following order:
1. Install the car on a viewing ditch.
2. Switch-off the rechargeable battery.
3. Remove a cowl.
4. Merge liquid from the cooling system and oil from an engine case.
5. Disconnect the air filter.
6. Disconnect a reception pipe of the muffler from the engine.
7. Disconnect hoses of the cooling system, a heater, food and the vacuum amplifier of the brake system from the engine.
8. Disconnect the fan with the drive coupling (the left carving) and leave it in a fan casing.
9. Disconnect and remove a cooling system radiator together with the fan and the coupling.
10. If on the car the hydraulic booster of the steering mechanism is installed, take off a pump drive belt, disconnect the pump from an arm and take him aside.
11. Disconnect draft of the drive of an accelerator.
12. If on the car the heater heater is established, disconnect a hose from the cooling system pump, a branch pipe of a supply of hot air to the engine pallet, remove collars, disconnect a heater heater and take him aside.
13. Disconnect all electrical wires from the engine.
14. Disconnect the working cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling from a coupling case.
15. Establish a chalka on assembly brackets of the engine.
16. Having raised the engine the elevator, turn out bolts of fastening of forward support of the engine from arms on the block and disconnect the transmission from the engine.
17. Lift the engine and remove it from the car, at the same time the transmission with the transfer case will remain on a car frame.
You make installation of the engine on the car in the return sequence.