2.4.1. Engine overheat

If the engine overheats or leak of cooling liquid is revealed, then before dismantling of a head of cylinders it is necessary to check:
– whether there is no additional obstacle which can change the direction of a stream of air to a radiator;
– a condition of a radiator (it has to be pure inside and outside);
– level of cooling liquid;
– tension and condition of a belt of the drive of the fan (generator);
– temperature of turning on of the viscous coupling of the fan.
For definition of a faulty head:
– to check the level of cooling liquid and if it is necessary, to bring it to norm;
– to let and warm up the engine up to the working temperature;
– to stop the engine;
– to take off belts;
– to remove the hose connecting a collector of the cooling system to a radiator;
– to remove a collector of the cooling system from heads of cylinders;
– through openings of supply of cooling liquid from heads to be convinced of the collector that heads are filled;
– to launch the engine and to establish the minimum frequency of rotation of idling, through openings in heads of cylinders to check existence of bubbles and their character;
– if necessary to replace a head with bubbles;
– if necessary to remove heads and to pressure up them for definition of the details which are subject to replacement.