2.3.6. An engine running in after repair

Durability of the repaired engine in a considerable measure depends on its running in at the stand and car service conditions on an extent of the first 1000 km of a run.
At the stand it is recommended to roll the engine in the following modes:
1. A cold running in with a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft 1200 – 1500 min.-1 within 15 min.
2. Hot running in idling: at 1000 min.-1 – 1 h, at 1500 min.-1 – 1 h, at 2000 min.-1 – 30 min., at
2500 min.-1 – 15 min.
Pressure of oil support not lower than 250 kPa (2,5 kgfs/cm2), and its temperature on an entrance to the engine – not less than 50 °C.
Water temperature at the exit from the engine has to be 70–85 °C, and on an entrance – not less than 50 °C.
Then adjust and check the engine with a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft no more than 3000 min.-1.
For improvement extra earnings of details rolled at the stand and then the engine installed on the car do not exceed the frequency of rotation of bent shaft 3000 mines-1 (on a tachometer) the first 1000 km of a run.
Do not overload the car and do not allow movement along bad roads (dirt, sand, abrupt rises). Before start-off from the place warm up the engine before its steady work without enrichment of working mix. After the first 500 km of a run replace oil.
At lack of the stand the engine roll the first 1000 km of a run on the car as it is stated above.