2.3.3. Cooling system

Fig. 61. Cooling system: 1 – pump of cooling liquid; 2 – radiator; 3 – radiator stopper; 4 – a thermostat installation site (the beginning of opening –
80 °C, the end of opening – 
95 °C); 5 – broad tank; 6 – combustion chamber insert

Cooling system (fig. 61)
As cooling liquid in system it is applied nizkozamerzayushchaya Lena liquid Tosol-A40M or OZh-40.
At a temperature of surrounding air below -40 °C it is necessary to apply the low-freezing Lena liquid Tosol-A65M or OZh-65.
If the control lamp of an overheat of cooling liquid lit up, it is necessary to establish immediately and lips-ranit the overheat reason.
Periodically check the level of cooling liquid in a rasshiri-telny tank. It has to correspond to a tag on the tank case. As cooling liquid has high coefficient of a thermal rasshi-reniye and its level in a broad tank considerably changes depending on temperature, carry out an inspection of level at a temperature in system 15–20 °C.
When decrease in level of cooling liquid in a broad tank happened for a short interval of time or after the small run (to 500 km), check tightness of the cooling system and, having eliminated leakage, add in a radiator or in a broad tank the same cooling liquid.
Every two years wash out the cooling system and replace cooling liquid new.
Wash out the cooling system the next way:
– fill system with clear water, launch the engine, let's it work before warming up, at the engine working in the idling mode merge water and stop the engine;
– after cooling of the engine repeat the specified operation.
Because of availability of air in a heater of salon, a heater-podogrevatele and connecting hoses all filling volume of liquid cannot be filled in without launch of the engine. Fill the cooling system in the following order:
– wrap a stopper of discharge of cooling liquid from a radiator;
– establish a control lever by the crane of a heater of salon in extreme right situation;
– fill with cooling liquid a radiator 10-15 mm lower mouths and a broad tank – to a tag;
– launch the engine, after reduction of level of liquid in the top tank of a radiator add in it cooling liquid and close a radiator stopper;
– switch off the engine, let's it cool down, bring the level of cooling liquid in a broad tank to norm and close a stopper of a broad tank;
– execute 2–3 cycles of warming up cooling of the engine and again bring the level of cooling liquid in a broad tank to norm.
Merge liquid from a radiator of the cooling system through the stopper located on the lower tank of a radiator.

Fig. 62. A liquid supply hose to liquid oil heat exchanger

Merge liquid from the block of cylinders through a hose And (fig. 62) of a supply of liquid to liquid oil heat exchanger, having disconnected this hose from the heat exchanger.

Fig. 63. Check of a tension of a belt of the generator

Regulate a tension of a belt of the fan (generator) (fig. 63) turn of the generator. The normal deflection of a belt has to be 8–14 mm when pressing it with effort of 39 N (4 kgfs). Through 40 000 km of a run, and also replace the worn-out or damaged belt.