2.3.2. Lubrication system

Fig. 58. System of lubricant: 1 – oil pressure valve; 2 – oil pump; 3 – hydraulic pusher; 4 – liquid and oil heat exchanger; 5 – oil filter; 6 – yoke; 7 – camshaft bearings; 8 – valves are jet; 9 – radical bearings; 10 – maslozabornik

Lubrication system (fig. 58)
Oil pressure in the lubrication system of the heated-up engine has to be:
– at 800 min.-1 – 0,9–1,5 kgfs/cm2;
– at 4200 min.-1 – 3,5–4,5 kgfs/cm2.
Pressure in the lubrication system of the cold engine should not exceed
6,5 kgfs/cm2.

Fig. 59. Masloizmeritelny core

The operating level of oil is between tags of min and max (fig. 59) of a masloizmeritelny core. Do not exceed the maximum level of oil. Measure oil level in 2–3 min. after a stop of the heated-up engine.
Oil volume in system, including an oil filter, – 6,9 l.
Through 10 000 km of a run replace oil in a case of the engine and an oil filter. Use only the recommended oils (see tab. 1).

Fig. 60. Oil-filling mouth

You make replacement of oil on the heated-up engine. Completely merge oil from the engine, having turned off a drain stopper in the lower part of an oil case. Fill in new oil through an oil-filling mouth (fig. 60).
Remove an oil filter, turning off it counterclockwise. At installation of the new filter be convinced of serviceability of a rubber sealing ring and oil it engine, wrap the filter hands to a contact of a sealing ring of the plane on the block of cylinders, and then completely wrap the filter on 3/4 turns. Be convinced of lack of dribble of oil.