1.8. Car running in

Durable and trouble-free operation of the car substantially depends from extra earnings of details during the initial period of operation.
Running in duration:
– for cars UAZ-3160,-31601,-31605 – 1000 km of a run;
– for the car UAZ-31604 – 1500 km of a run.
Observe the following instructions during the running in period:
1. Frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine has to be no more than 3/4 from nominal.
2. Do not exceed nominal load of the car.
3. Avoid the movement in especially severe conditions (deep dirt, sand, abrupt rises, etc.).
4. Towing of the trailer is not allowed.
5. During a running in do not disconnect a nave of forward wheels (the tag on a disk of the coupling has to coincide with figures 4х4 on a coupling cover).
6. Do not replace in the engine and units of oil, filled in at the plant.
7. You watch temperature of brake drums and in case of their considerable heating adjust brakes.
8. You watch temperature of naves of wheels and at their considerable heating weaken an inhaling of bearings.
9. Carefully you watch a condition of all fastenings of the car and connections of pipelines, at detection of a leak of oil, fuel, liquids eliminate it.