1.5. Preparation of the new car for operation

The trading organization is obliged to offer the car for sale only after carrying out works on predpro-dazhny preparation:
1. To remove external preservation (at its existence) and to wash up the car.
2. To check compliance of numbers of shipping documentation to passport data of the car.
3. To check existence of operational documentation, the tool, components and accessories. To install components and accessories into place.
4. To check and if necessary to bring level to norm:
– cooling liquid in a broad tank;
– liquids in tanks of a hydraulic actuator of brakes and couplings;
– oils in a tank of the hydraulic booster of the steering mechanism;
– liquids in a washer reservoir of glasses;
– oils in an engine case;
– oils in units;
– lubricants in naves of wheels.
5. To check the level and density of electrolyte. If necessary to bring to the required norm of the temperature and climatic area.
6. To check and if necessary to adjust:
– tension of belts (fan, generator, pump of the hydraulic booster of the steering mechanism, vacuum pump);
– accelerator drive;
– free wheeling of a pedal of a brake;
– air pressure in tires;
– inhaling of bearings of naves of wheels.
7. To carry out diagnostics of a complex microprocessor control system of the engine (KMPSUD).
8. To check (to tighten) fastening of wheels.
9. To check a state and fastening of the mechanism of steering, driveshafts and a suspension bracket.
10. To check work:
– window regulators, locks of doors;
– locks of a cowl and hatch;
– all systems of electric equipment;
– screen wipers (forward and back) to adjust installation of levers with brushes;
– locks of seat belts;
– mechanisms of adjustment of lobbies and folding of back seats.
11. To check a condition of a paint and varnish covering of a body. To eliminate damages.
12. Trial departure to check work of systems, mechanisms and devices. To eliminate the found defects and malfunctions.
13. After control departure to check and if necessary to adjust system of idling with control of content of harmful substances in the fulfilled gases.
At a stage of cars to the place of sale it is necessary to perform previously the works described in the subsection "Daily Maintenance".