1.2. Safety requirements and preventions

Requirements of safety
1. To check serviceability and reliability of closing of locking mechanisms of a cowl and doors of a body before departure.
2. During the work with nizkozamerzayushchey liquid, ethylated gasoline and brake liquid it is necessary to observe the following rules:
– to avoid any operations in which result poisonous liquids or their couples can get into a mouth cavity;
– not to allow to dry the liquid which got on skin, and at once to wash away warm water with soap;
– not to allow spilling them in the car or the closed room. If liquid is spilled, to wash away water and to air the room;
– at once to take off, wash and dry up the poured clothes out of the room;
– to moisten with kerosene a deposit from ethylated gasoline when scraping in order to avoid hit of poisonous particles of a deposit in bodies of breath.
3. Not to put on spacious clothes at service or adjustment of the working engine.
4. It is forbidden to warm up the engine in the closed room which does not have good ventilation in order to avoid poisoning with charcoal gas.
5. To observe care, opening an engine cooling system radiator stopper, in order to avoid a burn the ferry.
6. Not to warm up car units an open flame.
7. To keep clean a heater-podogrevatel and the engine (oiling of the engine, especially its case, and dribble of fuel can be the fire emergence reason).
8. To watch that traffic jams of the fuel tanks were well closed and there were no leaks from fuel-supply lines. To pay special attention to tightness of installation of a stopper of the left fuel tank.
9. To switch-off the accumulator battery after the end of operation of the car and in case of short short circuit in electrical wires.

1. During an initial stage of operation it is strict to observe all recommendations stated in the section "Running in of the New Car"
2. Not to begin the movement on the car with neprogretym the engine. Not to allow after launch of the cold engine of high frequency of rotation of a bent shaft.
3. It is forbidden to warm up glow plugs of the engine 425LTRU (UAZ-31604) at start-up from the external power supply more than 12 V.
4. At emergence in the working engine of extraneous noises and knocks it is necessary to find out the reason of their emergence and before elimination of malfunction not to operate the car.
5. To include a backing in a box of transfers and the lowering transfer in a distributing box only after a full stop of the car.
6. It is forbidden to switch off ignition and to take out a key from the ignition switch during the movement of the car. The stop of the engine will lead to decrease in efficiency of brakes, and at the taken-out ignition key the shaft of steering is blocked by the anti-theft device and the car becomes uncontrollable.
7. It is forbidden on abrupt descents:
– to switch off transfer of the transmission (the movement by a setup) – it reduces efficiency of braking;
– to switch off coupling in order to avoid breakage of the conducted clutch plate.
8. The movement of the car with an open door of a back is forbidden.
9. In time of the movement along dry roads with a firm covering it is necessary to switch off the forward bridge. Not to allow inclusion of the forward bridge at the disconnected forward wheels.
10. In case of an exit out of operation of one of contours of brake system the course of a pedal of a brake increases and efficiency of braking decreases.
11. When using of the syringe with the turned-out tip to take out a spring and a ball in order to avoid their hit in units with liquid lubricant.
12. Not to allow hit on the painted surface of a body and rubber details of acids, solutions of soda, brake liquid, antifreeze and fuel.
13. Not to allow shock loads of a running gear of the car. At strong blows by forward wheels it is necessary to examine attentively wheels, all details of the forward bridge, steering drafts, the steering mechanism, an oil case of the engine and to eliminate the found defects.
14. In order to avoid excessive loads of differential of the bridge not to allow long slipping of wheels.
15. At a temperature of surrounding air below -30 °C it is recommended to operate the car with constantly included forward wheels.
16. At the movement of the car equipped with the hydraulic booster of steering in order to avoid an overheat of oil and failure of the pump of the hydraulic booster we do not recommend to hold a steering wheel in extreme provisions more than 5 pages.
17. With converter of the fulfilled gases apply only unleaded gasoline to cars UAZ-3160 and UAZ-31605.
18. On cars with the engines equipped with electronic injection of fuel (UAZ-3160, UAZ-31605), and with diesel engines (UAZ-31604) the power supply system after the fuel pump at the working engine is under pressure therefore it is not allowed to serve (for example, to tighten connections) or to repair system knots during the operation of the engine or right after its stop, without having dumped excessive pressure through a stopper of production of air on the filter of thin purification of fuel.