1.1. Specifications and characteristics of cars

Fig. 1. General view of the car

The car UAZ-3160 (fig. 1) – passenger-and-freight, two-axis, the increased passability, type 4х4, with an all-metal five-door body.
The car UAZ-3160 is intended for transportation of passengers and freights by all views of roads and the area and calculated on operation at a temperature of surrounding air from-45 to +40 °C, average annual relative humidity of air to 80% at +15 °C, dust content of air to 1,0 g/m3 and the speed of wind to 20 m/s, including (at corresponding change of dynamics) in the areas located at height to
4000 m above sea level, and overcoming passes to 4650 m.
On the basis of the car UAZ-3160 models UAZ-31601, UAZ-31604, UAZ-31605 are produced.

Fig. 2. Main sizes of the car

The main sizes of the car are given in fig. 2.